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Broomball is a special offering of Sharpstown Ice Center. We rent the ice for $250 per hour with no minimum or maximum. Most users take an hour or an hour and one half although some with larger numbers or two separate age groups take two hours or longer. We sometimes have time available at earlier times, but many groups like the time after public skating sessions or later at night.

The price includes paddles (brooms), nets and ball. We have about sixty paddles. Official broomball rules only allow about six players per side but most groups put far more on at a time. Since we do not play by regulations, no official is on ice. You may want to have an on-ice coordinator to settle disputes and move the game along. The game can be played with special broomball shoes but in Houston most users play in rubber soled sneakers or tennis shoes. Since it is cold on the ice, warm clothes are recommended including possibly gloves. Helmets are usually worn for regulation play, but this is left up to the group. The paddles are required to be kept below the waist so the helmets are intended for falls.

The game is played on uncut ice. If we resurfaced, most users could not get enough traction is stay upright. We require a deposit of half the ice costs to reserve the ice with the balance due when you take the ice. We take credit cards as well.

For more information including time availability,
please contact us at 713-981-6667 or RWP7300@ev1.net.



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