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Private Lessons:

Private lessons are offered by various skating professionals at Sharpstown Ice Center. These professionals must have a contract with the Ice Center, for safety's sake. Most students take their private lessons during the Freestyle Skating Sessions, which the student pays for separately from the lesson cost. For more info on Freestyle Skating Sessions, see Figure Skating.

Group Lessons:

The Sharpstown Skating School offers a top team of international coaches with collectively well over one hundred years of experience. Together we bring every skater the latest teaching techniques and technology in the industry today.

Each group class is offered for a semester of 10 weeks. Beginners are offered two sets of 5-week classes. The "A" class is the first 5 weeks of the 10-week curriculum and the "B" class is the second 5 weeks of the 10-week curriculum. Beginners who join an "A" class in the second 5 weeks of a semester will register for a "B" class during the first 5 weeks of the next semester. Students who finish a "B" class in mid-semester will prorate into a Pre Alpha 2 class of Tot 2 class - age depending. Skaters meet once a week for 30 minutes of instruction. Students may make-up classes for any absences. Make-ups must be made prior to the end of the class. Progress Reports are handed out at the midway point of the course to help parents and skaters understand how well the student is doing. At the end of the semester, the skater will receive recommendations from the teacher in addition to a certificate of completion.

Our classes have very high standards for each skater to achieve. Therefore, we strongly suggest the purchase of a discounted skating school admission card which allows the skater to practice on public skating sessions at a lower rate than walk in customers. Cards are $30 for 10 admissions (or $15 for 5 admissions - available for persons In 5 week classes only) including skate rental. In addition, when space allows during regularly scheduled classes, we will cone off an area for the purpose of practice. We hope you take advantage of the practice lane!

  • Clothing - Beginning skaters should dress in many layers that are comfortable and warm. The rink is very cold in the winter. Pants are most appropriate at first. Bell-bottoms are not recommended. Hats and mittens make a big difference. Please wear them.
  • Ratio - Tot classes have a maximum of 12 skaters to a class. All others have a maximum of 15 with the exception of some specialty classes. Assistants are assigned on an "as needed" basis.
  • Check-In - We ask that all skaters be in the building 15 minutes prior to the start of their class. Lacing skates and putting on all those layers takes a long time. We wish to start classes with all skaters present.
  • Skates - Rental skates are included in the price of lessons. Skates should fit snugly with a "vacuum" sound as the foot pushes down. Laces should be pulled tightly across the foot and only snugly at the base of the ankle to the top of the boot. Skaters whose skates are laced too tightly at the ankle will have difficulty bending their knees and ankles while skating.
  • Evaluations - To determine if a skater needs to be moved to different level, evaluations are conducted the first two weeks of classes.
  • Parents - We ask that all parents and visitors be seated in the stands during classes and refrain from "sign language." We love for you to share the excitement of success with your child after class so he/she can fully concentrate on the teacher. Persons against the glass can be very distracting to the skaters.
  • Testing - Skaters may take advantage of our badge testing program sponsored by the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) with the written recommendation of their teacher. Skaters who take both group and private lessons must get their recommendation from their private lesson teacher. Testing fees are $6 per test regardless of the result. When the test is passed, a badge will be issued at no additional charge.
  • ISI Membership- For any skater enrolled in a 10-week course, we pay for each skater's first year of membership with the Ice Skating Institute at absolutely no charge to you!
  • Discounts - We offer the most aggressive discounts in town on all 10-week classes! Skaters receive 5% off for registering early (at least one week prior to the start of class), 5% off for registering for an additional class, and 5% off for a second family member. There is a maximum discount of 10% off any one class. We also offer MEGA DISCOUNTS to any skater who refers someone to our skating school. For each new enrollment you refer, you receive $20 off of your class (not to be combined with any other offers.) However, there are no limits to the number of discounts you can earn! Lastly, when you register for 4 classes, you get a 5th class for free!
  • Questions - We are here to serve you. Please let us know if you need any assistance or have a question. The directors are usually present during classes or you can reach us on the phone at 713-784-2972. The directors are Paul Kennell and Brette Kuretsch.

Class Descriptions:

  • Tots- Beginning skating lessons for 3 - 5 yrs. The main goal of this class is to get children to be comfortable with the ice and with their ice skates.
  • Pre Alpha - Beginning skating lessons for ages 6 - 15 yrs. And 16 yrs. +. Classes will be further divided by age as enrollment warrants.
  • Hockey 1 & 2 - Learn to skate for pleasure or to join a team. Either way, we have you covered! Boys and girls ages 5 and up are welcome!
  • Stroking - The class every skater (with their own skates) should live in! When purchased as an additional class you pay only $60 for 10 weeks before discounts.
  • Ice Dance - Learn the art of flowing edges and make your skating look as easy as it does on TV. For all skaters who have passed Delta or higher.
  • Jump and Spin - Learn all of the jumps and spins from Freestyle 1 all the way to triple jumps! Classes will be divided by level as enrollment warrants.

Schedule of Classes - subject to change

Sunday Monday Thursday Saturday
12:15 pm

- Pre-Alpha A/B
(during public session)
- Bert's FS Class (during public session)

5:45 pm

- Tots A/B*
- Pre-Alpha A/B*
- Pre-Alpha 2
- Hockey 1&2
- Off Ice Stretch / Jump / Spin

11:30 am

- Home School Course*

9:00 am

- Jump and Spin Youth
- Jump and Spin Adult

6:15 pm

- Stroking ++

9:30 am

- Break (Ice Cut)

6:45 pm

- Pre Alpha A/B* (#'s permitting)
- Pre Alpha Adults A/B*
- Adult Int/Adv
- Alpha
- Beta
- Gamma
- Delta
- Jump and Spin

9:45 am

- Ice Dance

10:15 am

Stroking ++

10:45 am

- Special Olympics
- Alpha
- Beta
- Gamma
- Delta
- Adult Int / Adv
- Hockey 1&2

11:15 am

- Tots A/B*
- Parents and Tots **
- Pre Alpha A/B*
- Pre Alpha Adult A/B*
- Pre Alpha 2
- Off Ice Stretch / Jump / Spin






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